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At Dasto Auto Sales, our goal is transparency. We're not investing in our cars, we're investing in our relationships. We will do more than sell you a car, we will sell you on the future. When you invest in a car from us we will make sure you make the best investment. We promise to work with you in order to help you manage your new investment. We will show you how to save the most money on repairs, maintenance, and other general car information. We will show you how to most effectively structure your loans and manage your payments around your finances and to build or further establish your credit.

 We work with the largest lending institutions in the world, reputable lenders such as Wells Fargo, Navy Federal Credit Union, USAA, Geico, and Apple FCU all to make sure you get the lowest possible finance rates. We offer GUARANTEED FINANCING at competitive rates as low as 3.29%. 


Dasto Auto Sales A huge SELECTION of Pre-Owned Vehicles


We offer bank financing along with sub-prime financing to get our customers the best deal possible


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